Whoever Finds It First, Wins

Revolutionary New Methods Teach You

to Get Lined Up(and stay lined up)

on ANY Oil Pattern in Only 3 Shots!

Developed by Gold Coach Susie Minshew,

this entertaining and fun 230-page guide

will answer all your questions!


Wish you could bowl 3 good games in a row?

Want to avoid the 7 most common line up mistakes bowlers make?

        Need to read lanes faster during league and tournaments?

        Want to know the best way to play everything from

a house shot to Wolf and Badger?

        This book gives you the things you MUST DO when

adjusting, No Matter What!

       Want to line up your team faster at a tournament, even USBC Nationals?

        Do you want to better understand those complex

oil charts and graphs so you can play the lanes smarter?


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