What Every Bowler Should Know First About the Mental Game

You Hit the Pins with Your Head!

The complete guide to the Bowler's Mental Game

Many books about the mental game have been produced by Psychologists or Psychiatrists. Most of these people have never even set foot on a bowling lane. While these authors offer insight and tips, they simply don't know what it's like to be subjected to the heat of battle during an exciting tournament match or league championship game.

And that's why when Susie Minshew set out to create a new and improved guide to the Bowler's Mental Game, she immediately turned to an expert who has not only competed at a high level in sports, but one who has an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL that testifies to the power of his ideas and strategies.

His name is Lanny Bassham and he is an Olympic Coach and an Olympic Gold Medalist. He is a member of the Olympic Shooting Hall of Fame, ranks third among all shooters in total international medal count for the USA, and is one of the most respected mental trainers in the world. His book, With Winning in Mind, and his Mental Management® concepts are used and endorsed by Olympian and World Champion athletes.

His students include:

    * -Fortune 500 Companies
    * -The Secret Service
    * -U.S. Special Forces
    * -The Olympic Teams of the United States, India, Japan, Korea and more...

You might ask, "What does an Olympic shooter know about bowling?" Simple. Bowling and shooting are quite similar in format. Both sports are calmly paced, "non-reaction-based" sports. Both bowling and rifle shooting require intense focus, mental acuity, and a long wait in-between shots.

Lanny's ideas are 180 degrees different from what you've read in ANY other mental game book. His strategies are groundbreaking, and by using them, you will gain a distinct advantage over your competitors since this material is so new and so unique.

Here is what you will learn:

    * 1.) The 5 elements of success in Bowling
    * 2.) Outcome vs. Process and why there is a 99% chance you are focused on outcome
    * 3.) How to develop "mental control"
    * 4.) The 3 Top Mental Errors committed by bowlers during a tournament (even some pros!)
    * 5.) Why you are trying too hard to win and how thinking differently will help you score higher

This Mental Game CD is the single most important piece of bowling equipment you may ever purchase. So don't delay, place your order today. At the very least, listen to the mp3 sample of this powerful CD and learn why this is the greatest mental game training collection ever assembled for bowlers.

Available May 1st. Pre-order your CD now!

What Every Bowler Should Know First About the Mental Game
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